School will be here soon and – goddamnit stop crying. I decided to do some casual school looks for ya’ll. Everything is made so that you can literally roll out of bed and look like you didn’t. I really wish I could’ve done some shots around the school but alas, I’m still at home. I’ll be moving back into Toronto in the next week or so, so until then my Trendcave will have to suffice.


What’s more comfortable than a polo shirt and sneakers, except the comfort of your own bed? The whole point is that you don’t have to try too hard, so please don’t. Please don’t be the first year who decides to wear a three-piece suit to his political science course.



If you go to your school’s gym I’d recommend one of these duffle bags. You can just throw anything in there and not have to worry about it.



More will be coming soon guys, especially a “How to not to be a campus douche post.” Stay tuned.