Ah, its summer time and for high fashion heads its “don’t wear socks with anything season.” The sockless loafer look should be a staple of your wardrobe, but for those looking to avoid some stanky feet, you can wear socks but still keep a fun, summery feel to it all. Here are some examples:

The Conservative Navy

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If you’re heading to an office, it might be best to keep your sock game a bit strict. Navy and brown always go together. Always. Besides, whats better than navy socks?

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Argyle. Next.

Polka Dots

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Switch out the trousers for slim, dark jeans, the shoes for suede derbies and put some flair in the look with polka dots.  Don’t stop at the socks either, bud. Ties, pocket squares and shirts are all fair game. Just not at the same time.

For The Bold

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So you’re tired of being boring. Well, theres good news for ya! A solid, bright coloured sock is the safest way to really stand out. Warning: if your style balls are not big enough to fit into aforementioned sock, do not attempt.