As a student, I can’t really afford any fancy apparatus to fuel my moonshine shenanigans. But I’m not exactly a beer fan and straight drinks aren’t what you always need. James Bond’s martini seems like an alternative, but for one, who actually drinks gin and two, where the hell am I supposed to buy one of those fancy cocktail shakers? If you’ve got a protein shaker, you’ve got a solution.

Think about it. Both are meant to shake liquids and both have a spout to pour your drink after you’re done. It gives a whole new meaning to post-workout recovery, huh?



Start off with your bottle, some ice and your drinks of choice. I’m using a SmartShake here.

Pro Tip: Don’t ever leave your protein in the bottle for a few days because you’re too lazy to wash it. I’ve taken shits rosier than the crapcoction brewed by that thing.





And there you have it. I just saved ya about 30 dollars.